Python Program to Find LCM

Python Program to Find LCM: In this program, you’ll learn to find the LCM of two numbers and display it.The least common multiple (L.C.M.) of two numbers is the smallest positive integer that is perfectly divisible by the two given numbers.

Python Program to Find LCM

Source Code

# Python Program to find the L.C.M. of two input number

def compute_lcm(x, y):

   # choose the greater number
   if x > y:
       greater = x
       greater = y

       if((greater % x == 0) and (greater % y == 0)):
           lcm = greater
       greater += 1

   return lcm

num1 = 54
num2 = 24

print("The L.C.M. is", compute_lcm(num1, num2))

Output of Program