OOPS Concept With Real Life Example

Some real life Examples of Object-oriented programming (OOP) concept.

OOP is nothing however object orientated Programming.in step with Wikipedia, item-orientated programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that makes use of “gadgets” and their interactions to design packages and computer packages.item orientated Programming is essentially considered as design methodology for creating a non-rigid utility. In OOPS each good judgment is written to get our paintings achieved, however this is performed primarily based on entity which we name it as objects. OOP allow us to decompose our problem in to small unit of labor which might be accessed via objects. We construct feature round this objects. There are in particular 4 pillars (capabilities) of OOP.

OOPs have following features





basically an item is something this is identifiable as an single material object. you may see around and locate many gadgets like digicam, monitor, pc and many others. In OOP attitude, an object is not anything however an example of a class that includes actual values in preference to variables.

example #1:

for example bear in mind we’ve a category of automobiles underneath which Santro Xing, Alto and WaganR represents man or woman items.in this context every car item can have its personal, version,12 months of Manufacture, color, top pace, Engine energy and many others.,which shape properties of the auto class and the associated actions i.e., item features like begin, pass, forestall shape the strategies of vehicle elegance.No memory is allocated whilst a class is created. memory is
allocated handiest while an item is created, i.e., when an example of a class is created.

example #2:

An architect may have the blueprints for a residence….the ones blueprints may be plans that specify exactly what properties the residence can have and the way they’re all layed out. however it’s far just the blueprint, you cannot stay in it. developers will observe the blueprints and use the ones blueprints to make a bodily house. they are able to use the identical blueprint to make as many homes as they want….every residence will have the same layout and homes. every house can accommodate it is own households…so one residence might have the Smiths stay in it, one house may have the Jones live in it.



Abstraction is a procedure of figuring out the applicable qualities and behvaiors an item should own. we could take an instance to recognize abstraction. A computer consists of many things such as processor, motherboard, RAM, keyboard, lcd screen, wireless antena, web digital camera, usb ports, battery, speakers and so forth. to apply it, you do not want to realize how internally lcd displays, keyboard, net digital camera, battery, wireless antena, audio system works. You just need to realize a way to operate the laptop via switching it on. The intrinsic information are invisitble. reflect onconsideration on if you would have to name to the engineer who is aware of all internal information of the computer earlier than running it. this will have exceedingly luxurious in addition to no longer easy to use everywhere through all people. So right here the laptop is an item this is designed to hide its complexity.

suppose in case you need to put in writing a bit of software to song the students info of a faculty, you can probable want to create students objects. human beings is available in all one of a kind backgrounds, instructional qualifications, places, interests, a long time and have more than one faith, language but in terms of utility, an pupil is only a call, age, magnificence and roll quantity, even as the other qualities aren’t relevant to the utility. figuring out what other features (heritage, qualifications, area, hobbiels and so forth) are in phrases of this application is abstraction.

In item-oriented software, complexity is managed via the use of abstraction. Abstraction is a procedure that involves figuring out the vital behavior of an object and disposing of irrelevant and complex detilals. A nicely concept-out abstraction is generally easy, and smooth to apply inside the perspective of the user, the person that is the usage of your item.


Encapsulation is a way for defensive facts from unwanted access or alteration by means of packaging it in an object in which it’s miles best accessible thru the object’s interface. Encapsulation are frequently known as records hiding. but both are distinctive. Infact facts hiding is honestly the end result of Encapsulation. Encapsulation makes it feasible to split an object’s implementation from its orgiinal behavior – to limit get right of entry to of its internal information. This restrict facilitate certains detiails of an item;s conduct to be hidden. This lets in to shield an item’s interal state from corruption by using its person.

it’s miles the mechanism via which Abstraction is carried out. In different words you can say that it is the end result of the Encapsulation. for example, the laptop is an object that encapsulates many technology/hardwares that won’t be understood genuinely through most people who use it.


Inheritance is the ability to outline a brand new elegance or object that inherits the conduct and its capability of an current class. the new elegance or item is called a toddler or subclass or derived magnificence at the same time as the authentic elegance is referred to as discern or base class. for example, in a software program organization software program Engineers, Sr. software program Engineers, Module Lead, Technical Lead, task Lead, challenge supervisor, program supervisor, administrators all are the employees of the employer but their paintings, perks, roles, obligations differs. So in OOP, the worker base elegance could offer the common behaviours of all kinds/stage of worker and also some behaviours houses that every one worker must have for that business enterprise. The unique subclass or baby magnificence of the employee would put into effect behaviours unique to that stage of the worker. So by way of above example you may notice that the principle idea behind inheritance are extensibility and code reuse (in this case you’re extending the employee elegance and using its code into sub class or derived magnificence).


because the call suggests, Polymorphism method an potential to expect distinct forms at one of a kind locations. In OOP, it is a language’s potential to address objects in a different way based totally on their runtime type and use. Polymorphism is in brief defined as “one interface, many implementations”.Polymorphism is a characteristic of being capable of assign a one-of-a-kind which means or utilization to some thing in one of a kind contexts – mainly, to allow an entity consisting of a variable, a function, or an object to have a couple of form.

There are styles of polymorphism.

collect time polymorphism – it is executed by way of overloading features and operators
Runtime polymorphism – it is finished with the aid of overriding digital functions
let’s imagine you have got a category that has many Load methods having exclusive parameters, this is called assemble time polymorphism. allow’s take every other example where you’ve got a digital technique within the base magnificence called Load with one parameter and you’ve redefined its functionality for your subclass through overriding base class Load method, that is called Runtime polymorphism.

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