Count the Number of matching characters in a pair of string

Given a pair of non empty strings. Count the number of matching characters in those strings (consider the single count for the character which have duplicates in the strings). Examples:

Input : str1 = 'abcdef'
        str2 = 'defghia'
Output : 4 
(i.e. matching characters :- a, d, e, f)

Input : str1 = '[email protected]'
        str2 = '[email protected]'
Output : 5 
(i.e. matching characters :- b, 1, 2, @, k)

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Approach 1:
1. Initialize a counter variable with 0.
2. Iterate over the first string from the starting character to ending character.
3. If the character extracted from first string is found in the second string and also first occurrence index of that extracted character in first string is same as that of index of current extracted character then increment the value of counter by 1..Note: For this, use string.find(character) in python.. This returns the first occurrence index of character in string, if found, otherwise return -1. For example : str=’abcdedde’. str.find(‘d’) –> 3. str.find(‘e’) –> 4. str.find(‘g’) –> -1.4. Output the value of counter. Below is the implementation of above approach.. Python code to count number of matching. characters in a pair of strings. count function. def count(str1, str2):. c, j = 0, 0

# loop executes till length of str1 and
# stores value of str1 character by character
# and stores in i at each iteration.
for i in str1:  

    # this will check if character extracted from
    # str1 is present in str2 or not(str2.find(i)
    # return -1 if not found otherwise return the
    # starting occurrence index of that character
    # in str2) and j == str1.find(i) is used to
    # avoid the counting of the duplicate characters
    # present in str1 found in str2
    if str2.find(i)>= 0 and j == str1.find(i):
        c += 1
    j += 1
print ('No. of matching characters are : ', c)
Main function. def main(): str1 =’[email protected]’ # first string. str2 =’[email protected]’ # second string. count(str1, str2) # calling count function. Driver Code. if name==”main“:. main()

Output :

No. of matching characters are : 5

Approach 2:
1.In this approach set() is used to remove duplicate on a given string.
2.After that concept of set(intersection) is used on given string.
3.After that we find a length using len() method. Python code to count number of unique matching. characters in a pair of strings. count function count the common unique. characters present in both strings . def count(str1 ,str2) : # set of characters of string1. set_string1 = set(str1)

# set of characters of string2
set_string2 = set(str2)

# using (&) intersection mathematical operation on sets
# the unique characters present in both the strings
# are stored in matched_characters set variable
matched_characters = set_string1 & set_string2

# printing the length of matched_characters set
# gives the no. of matched characters
print("No. of matching characters are : " + str(len(matched_characters)) )
Driver code. if name == “main” :
str1 = '[email protected]' # first string
str2 = '[email protected]'  # second string

# call count function
count( str1 , str2 )Output :
No. of matching characters are : 5
Approach 3:

Count the Number of matching characters in. a pair of string. import re. ip1 = “geeks”. ip2 = “geeksonly”. c = 0. for i in ip1: if,ip2): c=c+1. print(“No. of matching characters are “, c)
No. of matching characters are : 5

Output :

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