Calculate the Product of Three integers in java

Write a Java method to compute the average of three numbers. Write a Java program that takes two numbers as input and display the product of two numbers.

Java Program to Calculate Product of Integers

import java.util.Scanner; // program uses Scanner
public class Product
public static void main(String[] args)
// create Scanner to obtain input from command window
Scanner input = new Scanner(;

int x; // first number input by user
int y; // second number input by user
int z; // third number input by user
int result; // product of numbers

System.out.print("Enter first integer: "); // prompt for input
 x = input.nextInt(); // read first integer

System.out.print("Enter second integer: "); // prompt for input
 y = input.nextInt(); // read second integer

System.out.print("Enter third integer: "); // prompt for input
z = input.nextInt(); // read third integer

result = x * y * z; // calculate product of numbers

System.out.printf("Product is %d%n", result);
 } // end method main
 } // end class Product

Calculate the product of three integers output

Enter first integer: 10
Enter second integer: 20
Enter third integer: 30
Product is 6000