C and C++ Cheat Sheet

We Share C and C++ Cheat Sheet.Hope it will Helpful For You and All programmer.it is Short list.C and C++ both was developed with a bias toward system programming and embedded, large systems, with flexibility, efficiency, and greater performance. 

C and C++ Cheat Sheet

C++, a header file

Include <string> if you’re going to be using the string class.
Include <iostream> when you want to use cout and cin.
Include <fstream> when you want to read or write files.
Include <iomanip> if you want advanced manipulator usage in your streams.
Include <stdlib.h> for general operations, including system(“PAUSE”).


// one line comments this is a C++ style one line comment
/* multiple line this is a traditional C style comment
block comment */

C and C++ Cheat Sheet

Boolean Logic  

== Test of equality
!=  Test of non-eq­uality
< Less than
> Greater than
<= Less than or equal
>= Greater than or equal
&& AND
|| OR