Binary Search in C++ array

Binary search is an algorithm used to search for an element in a sorted array. In this algorithm, the targeted element is compared with middle element. If both elements are equal then position of middle element is returned and hence targeted element is found.

If both elements are unequal then if targeted element is less or more than middle element we discard the lower or upper half and the search continues by finding new middle element.

Binary Search in C++ array

using namespace std; 
int binarySearch(int arr[], int p, int r, int num) { 
   if (p <= r) { 
      int mid = (p + r)/2; 
      if (arr[mid] == num)   
         return mid ; 
      if (arr[mid] > num)  
         return binarySearch(arr, p, mid-1, num);            
      if (arr[mid] > num)
         return binarySearch(arr, mid+1, r, num); 
   return -1; 
int main(void) { 
   int arr[] = {1, 3, 7, 15, 18, 20, 25, 33, 36, 40}; 
   int n = sizeof(arr)/ sizeof(arr[0]); 
   int num = 43; 
   int index = binarySearch (arr, 0, n-1, num); 
   if(index == -1)
      cout<< num <<" is not present in the array";
      cout<< num <<" is present at index "<< index <<" in the array"; 
   return 0; 

Output of Program

43 is not present in the array