Python | Ways to remove a key from dictionary

Handling missing keys in Python dictionaries (7)

Dictionary is used in manifold practical applications such as day-day programming, web development and AI/ML programming as well, making it a useful container overall. Hence, knowing shorthands for achieving different tasks related to dictionary usage always is a plus. This article deals with one such task of deleting a dictionary key-value pair from a dictionary.

Python – Convert key-values list to flat dictionary

Python – Convert key-values list to flat dictionary

Sometimes, while working with Python dictionaries, we can have a problem in which we need to flatten dictionary of key-value pair pairing the equal index elements together. This can have utilities in web development and Data Science domain.

Python dictionary with keys having multiple inputs

Print anagrams together in Python using List and Dictionary (3)

How to create a dictionary where a key is formed using inputs? Let us consider an example where have an equation for three input variables, x, y, and z. We want to store values of equation for different input triplets.

K’th Non-repeating Character in Python using List

Dictionary and counter in Python to find winner of election (3)

Given a string and a number k, find the k-th non-repeating character in the string. Consider a large input string with lacs of characters and a small character set. How to find the character by only doing only one traversal of input string?

Check order of character in string using Ordered

Check order of character in string using Ordered

Given an input string and a pattern, check if characters in the input string follows the same order as determined by characters present in the pattern. Assume there won’t be any duplicate characters in the pattern.